AMERICAN EXPRESS Putting Green Installation

The putting green is an exploration of several topics in terms of design and production; it was made possible by using new technology mixed with age-old processes. The project is an ephemeral structure created to attract and provide an opportunity for play and activity in a busy urban setting.


The putting green body was milled using a CNC router out of 17 blocks of polystyrene foam. This high-tech tooling allowed for a continuous surface to be seamlessly assembled on site with minimal adjustment.


The installation took place in Canary Wharf in London, in September 2010.


Two videos were made of our efforts, one of the making and one of the installation at Canary Wharf. Kirsty Gallacher was at the opening to promote the event for American Express and Cancer Research UK.



Client: American Express & GQ Magazine / London

Type: Temporary Installation

Completed: 2010

Team: Nathaniel Kolbe, Benjamin Walton, Lida Charsouli, Christiaan Hiemstra

Photography: Nathan Gallagher

Collaborators: Consolidated PR


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