BELEAF FLAGSHIP SHOP, Kerry Centre Hangzhou, China

The new juice bar is the first in a series of bars for Beleaf franchise in China with Hangzhou Kerry Centre as its flagship bar.


Colourful, bright raindrop lights hang from the ceiling of the new Juice Bar resembling rainwater hydrating fruits and vegetables that grow into the fresh ingredients of the nourishing juices served by Beleaf.


The raindrop lights are made of a stretched fabric and create an original and distinctive backdrop for the Hangzhou Beleaf bar. Their changing colours transform the mood of the interior. The overall effect is of an energised and dynamic environment that attracts customers into the Juice Bar through its eye-catching and colourful shapes and surfaces. The bar is open to the rest of the shopping mall and this lack of a traditional shop window threshold to enter it also creates a welcoming flow inside the space.


The shop is divided into two zones, serving and seating. A simple red leather upholstered sofa provides the main seating area while a window seat appears to be floating on one side allowing visitors to sit and enjoy their juice. One corner of the shop is reserved for the storage of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed during the day, with direct access to the area behind the counter.


We enjoyed this project because it gave us an opportunity to think about the role of surface as something that comes to life and enriches our senses. Too often walls, floors and ceilings are neutral and even dead space whereas we see them as full of opportunity to make something innovative or crafted and ideally both.”







Client: Beleaf

Type: Retail

Year: 2017

Team: Nathaniel Kolbe, Lida Charsouli

Photography: Ed Reeve

Area: 55sqm

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