Museum of Agricultural Heritage

The new Agricultural Heritage Centre is composed as a new town square surrounded by cultural, civic and recreational activities that include the existing neighbouring cultural centre and church of Saint Fotios. While remaining compact in form, it is permeated on all sides with openings onto the natural setting surrounding it.


To the south and east the buildings are cut to allow small glimpses of the hills and valleys in the distance. To the north the campus composition opens up to the hillside where an amphitheatre is formed looking into the cultural centre. The whole of the campus is overhung with a large, thin roof punctuated with variable openings.




Client: Eptagonia Council / Limassol

Type: Public Museum

Year: 2012

Team: Nathaniel Kolbe, Lida Charsouli,

Natassa Tsolaki, Androniki Manavi,

Grasshopper Consultant: Nikoletta Poulimeni



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