FOLDING STAIR, Shepherd Market

The project benefits from a compact design aiming to create a high-end product. The brick wall was exposed and acts as the backdrop for the sculptural form of the staircase. Showered with light, the staircase and brick wall behind are the focal point of the two-level flat. The base of the hearth was extended to become a seating area around as well as the first step of the staircase.


The bathroom follows the same logic of theatrical gesture. The sloping brick wall is well lit allowing the mirrors to float in the foreground. The mirrors follow the wall around two sides to extend the reflection and create an elongation of the narrow space.




Client: Private / London

Type: Residential

Year: 2006

Team: Nathaniel Kolbe, Djordje Stojanovic

Photography: Sue Barr

Area: 50sqm


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