The interactive game installation was part of the incrEDIBLES Festival where the element of surprise and play take central role. The carrots were made to create a space of play for children and adults alike.


Each carrot is made of cast rubber and is set onto a spring into the ground. Whenever a carrot is jumped upon it bounces and feeds back to the 'player' that it is an active thing. The leaves of our carrots are handles, being pulled by participants to balance themselves on top of the carrots.


The carrots are placed to create a space of play. Each carrot is connected to the next by a maximum distance to create a challenge to get from one to the next. A route or race can be played where players attempt not to touch the wood chips while bouncing from one carrot to the next!




Client: Royal Kew Gardens / London

Type: Public Game

Year: 2012

Games Designers: Hide & Seek

Contractor: Millimetre

Designer: Nathaniel Kolbe



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